HOA Responsibilities

The Leona's Rolling Meadows HOA is an important part of your neighborhood.  The HOA was created prior to any homeowners moving in, and developed by the original developer of the Leona's Rolling Meadows property.  The developer worked with the various builders at the time (Neumann Homes, William Ryan, and Gustaveson Homes) to ensure that the neighborhood would stay a great place to live, with hopes of keeping the exteriors of the homes and the property surrounding them in great shape.  In order to help with this, Rules and Regulations were created that provide rules at what can and can't be done within the subdivision.  Many homeowners purchased here specifically because of these rules.

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Some of the HOA responsibilities include:

  • Review exterior alterations to the surrounding homes, and ensure that they follow the spirit of the Rules and Regulations and Covenants; 
  • Ensure that the common areas are well maintained (mowing grass, landscaping, etc); 
  • Secure and pay for Liability insurance for the common areas as well as the HOA officers and Board members;  
  • File Federal Taxes for the Association; 
  • File Annual Reports to the State of Wisconsin; 
  • Review and remediate homeowner complaints/violations related to the Rules & Regulations; 
  • Create a budget to ensure funds for the shared expenses related to the neighborhood; 
  • Invoice, collect and deposit annual assessments. 

Things the HOA has no control over:

  • Issues with your home builder or warranty program (we suggest you contact these entities directly); 
  • Issues surrounding Neumann Homes bankruptcy (contact your title company and/or attorney); 
  • Issues related to neighbors not shoveling sidewalks/driveways/mailboxes and issues related to neighbors not mowing grass (issues such as these are handled by the City of Kenosha); 
  • Unleashed dog issues (Contact the City of Kenosha); 
  • Issues related to the public streets (plowing, maintenance, etc is handled by the City of Kenosha); 
  • Issues related to the public park (park issues are handled by the City of Kenosha); 
  • Issues related to the installation of the cluster mailboxes.  It is the builders' responsibility to provide these.  Once installed, maintenance of the mailboxes and the mailbox structure is the shared responsibility of the homeowners boxes that reside on that particular structure.  The mailbox standard has been set by the builders, and shall remain consistent.  The mailboxes were installed by US Post Co (http://www.uspostmailbox.com), 800.977.2626.