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The Leona’s Rolling Meadows Homeowners' Association is a non-profit corporation that was formed by Neumann Enterprises, Inc in 2003. Control of the association was turned over to the residents in January 2007. As a property owner within the subdivision, you are a member of the association. 

While there are many reasons a Developer would choose to have an association in place, one of the primary purposes is to hold title and maintain common area property within the subdivision (for example the entrance, ponds and nature areas). The association is also responsible for regulating the use restrictions for property within the subdivision and ensuring guidelines for architectural enhancements are followed. We strive to be fair and impartial in governing our Rules & Regulations, and keep the property maintained at a level that balances aesthetics and cost. 

Dues are set every year and payable by March 31st of that year. New homeowners may have paid a prorated amount for the current year during closing. Payment of dues is not voluntary; they are required per your Property Deed. Funds are used to maintain all common area property within the subdivision. Spending is governed by a group of elected, unpaid, volunteer Board members and Officers. We do everything possible to stretch your dollar. Dues for 2018 are currently $130, we believe the rate at which services are provided is a bargain that will ensure Leona’s Rolling Meadows remains one of the more desirable properties to live in within Kenosha County. 

If you are a resident of the subdivision, we hope that you become involved with the association. We urge you to become familiar with the Rules & Regulations. We welcome any comments, questions or suggestions. We have also developed a website (www.lrmhoa.org) as a tool to help inform you of association and community activities. The following can be found on the website: 

  • Updated Neighborly News & Information 
  • Subdivision Restrictions, Rules & Regulations  
  • Architectural Review Committee Information & Request Form  
  • Notice and Minutes from Association Meetings and Events 

Please take a moment to send your contact information (name, address, telephone & email) to our Treasurer at: accounting@lrmhoa.org. Your information is for official association communication and will not be made public for any reason.

Quick Contact Information

Mailing Address:     

Leona's Rolling Meadows HOA 6465 87th Ave
Kenosha, WI 53142
(mailing address only)


Architecture Review Committee: arc@lrmhoa.org

Billing & Administrative: accounting@lrmhoa.org

Violations Reporting: arc@lrmhoa.org

General Inquiries: admin@lrmhoa.org 


(262) 997-1069 

HOA Officers & Board Members (2018)


President: Samantha Johnson
1st Vice President: Gina Powell

2nd Vice President: Cheryl Barile
Treasurer: Nicholas Hauptmann
Secretary: Bonnie Fallabeck

Board of Directors:

Mike Kowalczyk, Peter Fallabeck, Chris Powell